In a Nutshell

The DiscoverE Future City Competition . . .

asks middle school students from around the nation to team with engineer-volunteer mentors to create -- first on computer and then in large, three-dimensional models -- their visions of the city of tomorrow.

We put the "E" in STEM.

Since its inception in 1992, the Future City Competition has become one of the largest engineering education programs in the US.

This program offers students a fun way to build their math and science skills and learn about engineering by solving the real-world problems in designing cities of the future. Through the program, students will:

  • Work as a team under the guidance of a teacher and a technical professional,
  • Use a popular award-winning computer game, SimCity, to design a logical model of a future city,
  • Realize their design with a physical scale model built with recycled materials,
  • Research and write an essay on an assigned engineering topic,
  • Communicate their design to a panel of judges in a public presentation, and
  • See firsthand how engineers turn ideas into reality.

A level playing field:

The Competition is open to all public, private, parochial and home school 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

We provide schools with the SimCity software.

Schools are limited to spending no more than $100 per team on the model and presentation, combined.


SimCity is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts.


Step 1: Register
Registration is by school - only $25. Schools may enter more than one team.
Step 2: Build the Team
3 students, 1 teacher-sponsor, 1 engineer-mentor.
Step 3: Design the City
Create a virtual city using the SimCity software we provide.
Step 4: Construct the Model
Build a 3-D, scale model using recycled materials.
Step 5: Write the Essay
Research and solve an assigned engineering problem that changes yearly.
Step 6: Present your Solution
Orally present your solution to a panel of judges.