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The Future City program gives 6-8th school students a fun way to tackle real-world problems while building their math, science and technology skills.

Youth Groups

Beginning in 2012, the Future City program is open to non-school groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boys & Girls Clubs.

Technical Professionals

Spend a few hours between now and Jan. inspiring young people with engineering. Sign up to be a mentor, judge, organizer or general volunteer with the Future City program. We need nearly 100 volunteers to give a little of their time.

Parents and Students

Have some fun learning math and science and get an opportunity to win a trip to Washington, DC. Talk to your math, science, or computer teacher and tell them you'd like to participate in the North Texas Future City Competition.

Companies and Professional Organizations

Help to ensure the future of the next generation by sponsoring the competition or a special award, encouraging employees/members to become involved, and promoting the program to schools.

14 Reasons to Participate

  1. It's a lot of work, but it's fun, too. How often do you get to play a computer game for credit and a chance to win a trip to Washington DC?
  2. Teams have a pretty good chance of winning something (with three places and 20 special awards), and the prizes are pretty cool, too.
  3. Future City promotes technological literacy which will be essential in the future and necessary for the continued competitiveness of the US.
  4. The real-world problems and hands-on applications ignite student interest in studying science, math, and technology.
  5. FC meets the standards for science, math, and technology education.
  6. It has been accepted by NASSP into the National Advisory List of Student Contest and Activities.
  7. The program targets middle school students - a perfect age to capture their interest, so that they may plan early to take the classes in high school and college to prepare them for a technical career.
  8. It's multidisciplinary - in addition to math, science and technology, FC builds the skills students will need for a successful career, including: teamwork, oral and written communication, scheduling, and budgeting.
  9. The program is accessible to even resource-challenged schools: registration fee is only $25; teams can spend no more than $100 on their projects; and we supply the SimCity software.
  10. By working directly with engineers and technical professionals, students discover the role of engineering in their lives and their potential for taking on that role themselves.
  11. More than half of the students are women and minorities.
  12. FC had demonstrated success at getting more students interested in studying math and science and in considering engineering as a career.
  13. Future City's success for more than 15 years has made it one of the largest non-profit engineering education program in the US.
  14. It's amazing what 6th, 7th and 8th graders can do -- makes you optimistic about the future.